Pairing Books With Breakfast

I occasionally read while I eat and have since I was little. I even have proof, a picture tucked away in a photo album of me shoveling oatmeal into my mouth while reading a picture book. So, I promise you that just like the right juice can make or break a breakfast, so can the right book.

Pair your Scrambled Eggs with Darius The Great Is Not Okay by Adib Khorram

Darius is one of those characters you just want to gather into your arms and hug the stars out of. The brief premise of Darius the Great Is Not Okay is that Darius and his family are traveling to Iran to visit Darius’s terminally ill grandfather. Half Caucasian/half Iranian, Darius doesn’t feel like he fits in much.

Just like scrambled eggs, Darius must go through a variety of trials (a.k.a. beating the eggs) and has many things thrown at him (a.k.a. add an assortment of ingredients for flavor). It doesn’t help that he also battles with depression and feels like he doesn’t exist in his family’s eyes.

You’re going to need scrambled eggs’ protein after this one. Thankfully, the story is a mix of heavy topics and lighthearted moments, so you won’t need THAT many eggs.

Delight in Waffles with Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Besides the fact that waffles are mentioned frequently throughout the duology, they’re delectably perfect in regards to the characters.

Both books are heist stories and tell the tale of six (sometimes more) characters who, for both noble and selfish reasons, decide to steal various things. Oh and there’s magic and intriguing worldbuilding! I don’t want to spill too much because every detail is important.

Though slightly crunchy on the outside, the characters (who all have tough exteriors) are fluffy on the inside, even Kaz! And just like these characters, who each have a different background and belief, waffles can be quite varied. From chocolate chip and orange peel waffles to banana nut and cinnamon waffles, each character is just as scrumptious as the next.

Slurp Oatmeal with This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson

Okay, hear me out. Pair this with slightly congealed oatmeal. Now, before you cringe over my breakfast choice, I have to say that only wild beasts consume oatmeal when it’s still swimming in milk. Period.

I got your attention, right? Prepare yourself.

This Splintered Silence is an adrenaline-pumping wild ride in spaaace. The story is about a space station’s crew that has been ravaged by a virus, which has killed all of the adults, just not the kids because the youth are immune to the strain. The children must step up and manage themselves, until they start dying from the virus themselves. Soon after, things spiral out of control.

That’s basically how This Splintered Silence pans out. It grabs your attention right off the bat (though it’s slightly slow moving in the beginning) and builds as it sits (just like oatmeal). Add a few nuts and you have a story (and a breakfast).

Enjoy Yogurt and Tea with Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett

Even The Darkest Stars is one of those books that when reading, you automatically shiver. Not from how terrifying it is but from all the various chilly locations.

Even the Darkest Stars follows Kamzin as she tracks her sister up a mountain with legendary explorer River Shara. It’s everything Kamzin has ever dreamed, aside from the fact that she’s worrying about her sister’s survival the entire way up the mountain and the fact that evil spirits occasionally attack the party. On the bright side, there are also dragons with glowing bellies (yes, that pun was intentional) and astounding characters.

I chose yogurt for this book. Why? Because it’s cold and is sometimes hard to swallow. And man, were there quite a few instances where this was the case for either one or both of these to be true. As for tea, you’re going to need something to warm you up. Besides, tea brings tranquility and light, something this lovely little mess needs because most of the characters are too good for this world.

Nibble on Doughnuts with Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye

The book promises ninjas and it doesn’t disappoint, and what’s even better is that this book is basically anime/manga in written form.

The premise is about Sora and her gemina (partner connected emotionally), Daemon, who must embark on an epic quest to save their kingdom and possibly even the world.

This story is fun and bright, rich with a creative magic system (the ninjas can borrow animals’ abilities by using various chants and hand gestures). Basically doughnuts. Who wouldn’t enjoy munching on a few airy, sugary bits of breakfast while following Sora adventure to adventure? Imagine this…you’re licking off the last of the doughnut’s pastel pink frosting while you consider how colorful the townspeople’s clothing is in this world. People literally wear THE most colorful clothes available, ninjas not included. Besides, picture this delightful scenario: ninjas chucking doughnuts around like shuriken. Now you see where I’m going.