The New ‘Cats’ Looks Weird AF, and I’m So Here for It

What do Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Ian McKellen, and Rebel Wilson have in common? If you guessed that all their bodies have been turned into horrifying human/cat hybrids that will unsettle your sleep for years to come, you’d be right. The trailer for Cats dropped yesterday, and it’s…something. Something wonderful, something off-putting, something mystifying and magical and so effing weird. The internet is full of … Continue reading The New ‘Cats’ Looks Weird AF, and I’m So Here for It

A Genre For Every Season: Summer

Whether summer means blistering in the sun on a white sand beach or finding your next outdoor fix, you’re bound to find some time to read. After all, summer is a season for relaxation and self-reflection, and books are perfect for just that. So slap on that sunscreen and spread those toes as we splash into more genre recommendations, this time in reference to the … Continue reading A Genre For Every Season: Summer

Books to Read After Watching ‘Stranger Things 3’

Stranger Things 3 arrived in a blaze of fireworks, Russian conspiracies, and mind-melding monsters, but after binge-watching all eight episodes, we’re right back where we started, wanting more. If, like us, you’re eager for more Stranger Things vibes, check out one—or all—of these books while you wait anxiously for more information about a potential season four.  The Stranger Things Tie-In Books The easiest fulfillment for … Continue reading Books to Read After Watching ‘Stranger Things 3’

How to Write a Successful Author Bio

Ah, author bios. Every writer’s bane. Many writers struggle talking about themselves, or worse: bragging about themselves. Still, author bios are an imperative part of the writing process. It’s a calling card to give potential readers a sense of who you are, why they should trust you, and what makes you unique. What Is an Author Bio? An author bio is a short description of … Continue reading How to Write a Successful Author Bio

The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Convention

Where can you find multiple iterations of Spider-Man, every anime character you can think of, and a man dressed as “Dorito Pope” all in the same place? A convention. Specifically a fandom convention. With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, con season has arrived, and with it comes extended weekends of geeky panels, fantastic cosplay, and more merch than your bank account can afford. … Continue reading The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Convention

Stop Using the Word "It"

Stop Using the Word “It”

It’s absurd to tell you to stop using a pronoun, especially one that’s so ingrained into our language, most writers don’t even realize when they use it. It is a useful word, standing in for long referents, keeping you from awkwardly repeating yourself, introducing Mario. But it is also a crutch. Nothing will weaken your writing quite as quickly as relying on it.  Whether this … Continue reading Stop Using the Word “It”

The Art of Writing Metaphors

Trends in language are just as real (and often just as cringeworthy) as trends in culture. They fade in and out, they’re remixed and replaced. They’re intensely popular and often very bad ideas. Instead of parachute pants we have superfluous dialogue tags, instead of slap bracelets we have metaphors followed by explanations. It’s a toss up whether explained metaphors started as a misplaced trendy idea … Continue reading The Art of Writing Metaphors