How to Edit Your First Draft

Your fingers hover the keyboard. You inhale deeply. Then you do it: you type the words “The End.” You exhale. You blink back tears of joy. You’ve finished the first draft of your story! It hasn’t been easy, but you’ve pushed through. You’ve done the thing. You finished your draft. Then you think, “Now what?” First, take a break. Read that book you’ve been putting … Continue reading How to Edit Your First Draft

So NaNoWriMo Is Over… Now What?

You did it! Or maybe you didn’t do it, didn’t quite hit your word count, didn’t end up with the story you imagined. That’s okay. You have words! And those words are twisting together and stacking high to make a wonderful story. Even if you can’t see it yet, whether you have fifty thousand words or just five thousand, there’s potential in the pages of … Continue reading So NaNoWriMo Is Over… Now What?