Shapeshifter Archetype To Trope or Not to Trope

Werewolves and werebears and Norse gods, oh my! The Shapeshifter Archetype encompasses so much more than just your typical shifters, and in this episode we cover all of it. From repressed emotions to unreliable narrators to sexy boys with bat wings, we cover the big questions, like “how many times can a shapeshifter shift before becoming unbelievably annoying?” and “how morally gray is too morally gray?” and, of course, “but why are so many protagonists so DUMB?” If you’ve ever had questions about writing a Shapeshifting character—either literal or archetypal—give this episode a listen. Have a trope you want us to talk about or a question about the episode? Email us at!
  1. Shapeshifter Archetype
  2. Love Triangles (Part 2)
  3. Love Triangles (Part 1)
  4. Threshold Guardian Archetype
  5. Evil Is Sexy