Enneagram Four To Trope or Not to Trope

But you just don’t understand! From tortured artists to empaths, from serial killers to characters who have so many feelings they just can’t help but sing about it, Fours just want to be special. Join us this episode as we discuss Klaus Hargreeves and the possibilities of a devoted cult gone wrong, and put out a heartfelt request for more Enneagram Four villains in fiction, because chaos energy and a strong personal aesthetic are where it’s at. Plus, you know, some stuff about writing Enneagram Four characters, because that’s what we do. Enjoy! (Or don’t, whatever’s best for your brand.)
  1. Enneagram Four
  2. The Great Elf Showdown
  3. Enneagram Three
  4. Found Family
  5. Enneagram Two