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You look like you like books. Or pop culture. Maybe you’re even interested in making the world a better place. Well, friend, we’re glad to see you.

Welcome to The Lit Nerds. We’re a group of people who love literature, pop culture, and oddly specific and uplifting internet rants. Just like you. We believe in good writing. We believe in living life intentionally and enjoying as much of it as possible. We believe in not feeding the corporate outrage algorithms. We believe in being informed, in being kind, and in doing what we can to make life a little more livable for everyone.

Interested in writing for us? We write and feature all sorts of sensical, intelligent, entertaining thoughts on almost anything. We love books, but even more, we love sharing good ideas.

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The Lit Nerds has lived many lives over the years as editors and contributors came and went and the world shifted beneath us. What started as solely a pop culture magazine has evolved to fill what we think is a gaping hole in the world of fiction (and the world in general): well-written, feel-good short stories. So whether you’re here for the writing advice, the good stories, the oddly specific rants, or just to find a home for your own writing, thanks for being here.

Take a look around. It’s gonna get lit.


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Kristen Csuti

Jaime Gross, Anna Hookway, Rae Juhola, Kelly Chaplin