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To trope or not to trope…

…that is the question. Three opinionated writers argue over whether ’tis nobler
to take up arms against a sea of overused tropes or write them anyway.

How to Write an Enneagram 1 Character

One of the hardest things about writing characters is making sure they’re different enough from each other that a reader can tell them apart. There are multiple ways to do this: base them on real people, give them qualities of […]

An Open Letter to All of My Facebook Friends

Dearest Acquaintance Facebook Tells Me I Once Knew, I don’t recall the exact moment we became friends or even who sent the initial request. It was the thing to do at the time, a way to say, I see you […]

When Metaphor Breaks Down

We as a species love to speak in metaphor. Perhaps it’s a learned trait, perhaps it’s hardwired somewhere in the poetic soul of humanity. Perhaps it’s just our feeble attempt to grapple with things and ideas that would otherwise be […]

No, You Can’t Reinvent the Wheel, But…

In his comedy special “New In Town” John Mulaney remarks that the satisfaction of cancelling plans is akin to using heroin. Having never used heroin myself, I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of this statement; I can however […]

Submit your writing…

We believe that good fiction doesn’t have to have an unhappy ending. We believe conflict can be resolved, characters can make good choices, and fiction that’s fun to read is just as important as fiction that reveals the dirty undersides of humanity.

We want to create a space in the world of short fiction where hope can thrive. Where you can read a story and not worry about being subjected to some horrific image or soul-crushing moral, however artful it might be. Where happily-ever-afters are treated with the same reverence as literary fiction, and you don’t have to choose between quality literature and faith in humanity.