Just Say Yes

We are a culture of no. Like toddlers learning autonomy for the first time, we bandy about rejection with reckless zeal. No, I don’t want to go out tonight. No, I won’t help you unless you help me first. No, I won’t eat that donut. No, I won’t make the first move. Self-care gurus and influencers praise the merits of staying in and being selfish, … Continue reading Just Say Yes

What Does Your Favorite Classic Monster Say About You?

You see them lurking in the shadows. You hear their howls on the wind. You feel them brush past, prickling awareness on your skin. As vegetation begins to rot and a chill invades the air, they sneak back into our collective consciousness en masse, awaiting their rightful place as the kings and queens of Halloween. Monsters. If there’s one thing we can learn from their … Continue reading What Does Your Favorite Classic Monster Say About You?

Why a Creative Résumé Won’t Get You a Job

Gen Zers have apparently started adding bitmojis to their résumés and making their job applications look more like Instagram profiles than the traditional headings and bullet points. While it’s important to make yourself stand out in a competitive job market, creativity will often make you the object of ridicule rather than interest. And it’s not just because old people are boring. When you submit a … Continue reading Why a Creative Résumé Won’t Get You a Job

The Best Day Jobs for Writers

There’s no right way to write professionally. The only necessities for the writer’s life are to care about the craft and put in the hard work. Everything else is more of a whatever-works-for-you type of thing. That being said, working on a novel doesn’t pay the bills. Submitting poetry won’t reliably get you groceries. So when it comes time to get that paying nine-to-five, where … Continue reading The Best Day Jobs for Writers

Your ‘Stranger Things 3’ Summer Bucket List

You did it. You finished the last episode of Stranger Things 3, thoughts screaming through your head at the [spoilers redacted] in the [spoilers redacted]. Then as the credits continue to roll, you stare blankly at the screen, wondering what you could possibly do to fill your time now that it’s over. After you cry into your pillow (justice for [spoilers redacted]!), see how many … Continue reading Your ‘Stranger Things 3’ Summer Bucket List